Guest Information

Please review the Club's Guest Rules prior to your visit.

Cell Phone Use

  • Clubhouse
    • Communication devices (Blackberry, PDAs, Cell Phones, etc.) are permitted at the Clubhouse and Pool except for dining areas with the following restrictions; incoming must be on vibration; outgoing - text messaging only. Verbal communication is only permitted in the designated areas in both the Men's and Ladies' Locker Rooms as well as the parking lots.
  • Golf Course
    • From Tuesday through Friday, communication devices (Blackberry, PDAs, Cell Phones, Etc.) are permitted on the golf course with the following restrictions: incoming must be on vibration; outgoing - text messaging only.

      On Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, no electronic devices of any kind are permitted on the golf course. Doctors are permitted to use silent communication devices ONLY for medical emergencies at all times.

      No cell phones or any type of electronic communications are permitted in the golf course Snack Bar or on the Driving Range, Chipping or Putting Greens.


  • Dining Room & Bar
    • Neat and clean dress is required, including golf and tennis attire.

      Clean, spikeless golf shoes are permitted in the Bar. Beach or Men's flip flops are not permitted.

      Males over age 12 must wear collared shirts, except for unadorned tee shirts and Pro Shop approved shirts. Only tailored shirts may be untucked.

      Children under 12 are permitted to wear untucked shirts, tee shirts or sport uniforms.

      Gym, bathing, workout attire, sweats, spandex shorts/pants, cut-offs or any clothing that is sweat soaked is not permitted.

  • Patio
    • Shirts or cover-ups and footwear are required.

  • Clubhouse
    • Swim attire, sarongs and cover-ups are not permitted for entering or leaving the premises for adults or children.

      Bathrobes or adequate covering must be worn going to and from the showers or other service rooms in the locker areas.

      Soccer, baseball or other sports uniforms are permitted for children under 12.

      Golf shoes are not permitted in the Clubhouse, other than the locker rooms, Golf Shop or on the patios.

      Footwear must be worn in all inside dining areas.

      Gym, bathing, workout attire, sweats, spandex shorts/pants, cut-offs or any clothing that is sweat soaked is not permitted.

  • Golfing
    • The Club's desire is to respect the traditions of the game while still being sensitive to the latest fashion and trends.

      Members and their guests are required to wear proper attire on the golf course, driving range, chipping and putting greens.

      Shirts must be tucked in except for Golf Shop approved banded bottom shirts.

      Cargo shorts, jeans and short shorts are not permitted.

      Members are responsible for acquainting their guests, including children, with these dress rules.

      Children must observe the same dress code.

      Only soft spike golf shoes are allowed on the golf course, putting green and practice facilities.

      While almost all types of headwear are deemed acceptable, members wearing baseball caps turned backwards, rally caps or hats bearing logos or printing of an offensive or profane nature are prohibited.

      Should a member or guest wear attire deemed inappropriate, the Caddie Manager is empowered to refuse that member or guest the privilege of play.

      The Golf Professional Staff are prohibited from giving lessons to anyone who is not dressed in proper golf attire.

  • Tennis
    • Members and their guests are required to wear proper tennis attire.

      Children must observe the same dress code.

Children's Policies

  • General
    • Any child is a guest unless he or she is the child of a member and has paid the appropriate membership dues.

      Nurses and governesses are not permitted on the Club grounds.

      Diapers may not be changed in the Ladies' Locker Rooms, Powder Room or anywhere except in designated areas. Please inquire with Club Management.

      Parents must accompany children under the age of 10 at all times.

      No minors shall stand or sit at a bar anywhere in the Clubhouse.

      Under no circumstances will children under age 12 be permitted in the Men's or Ladies' Locker Rooms, except to enter the Barber Shop. In the Children's Locker Room, children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

      Strollers are permitted in the Main Pool prior to 11:30 a.m. each day. After 11:30 a.m. strollers may no longer enter the Club but strollers already here can be used or parked at the Kiddie Pool.

      Entering and exiting the pool area must be up the front handicap ramp, through the Lobby, onto the Rotunda and down the steps through the tent to the Pool. Fenway Staff will gladly assist with strollers on the Rotunda steps. Strollers are not permitted in any other area of the Clubhouse.